6 Ways to Stay Fit on Your Cruise Without the Gym

Even though some cruise ships have state-of-the-art gyms, there’s just something about the idea of working out while you’re on vacation that sounds like a crime. But you don’t have to spend your precious vacation time in the gym to maintain your beach body. Here are six alternative and simple things to do to stay fit on your cruise.

1. Wake up early

You don’t have to get up with the sun – but avoid oversleeping, which will leave you feeling groggy and more tired. The earlier your start, the more likely you are to have a productive and active day. And with so many things to do on a cruise – no matter whether you’re at sea on in port – you’ll need the extra energy!

2. Use the stairs

Cruise ships keep getting bigger and bigger these days, so one of the best ways to stay fit on your cruise is to use the stairs wherever you go and avoid the elevators at all costs. This can be a difficult commitment to keep if you’re down on Deck 2 and need to go up to the lido buffet on Deck 9, but just remember the prize at the top when your legs start to burn and know that it’ll be worth it.

3. Hit the track

Most cruise ships have a jogging track located on an outside deck. Make a commitment to walk a few laps per day to keep yourself active. You and another cruiser can even do it together with drinks in hand! And if you’re ambitious and choose to jog, good for you. Where else are you able to jog while overlooking the ocean?

4. Don’t overeat

With endless amounts of free and delicious food right at your fingertips on a cruise ship, it’s tough to not get overzealous with all your options. But pace yourself. Don’t restrict yourself on what it is you want to eat, but practice portion control. Before you go back through the buffet line a second time, ask yourself if you’re really hungry or if your eyes are bigger than your stomach.

5. Order less sugary drinks

It’s pretty hard to resist those fruity drink specials, especially with how delicious they are. But that spicy chipotle pineapple martini that you love? Just the 1 oz of chipotle pineapple syrup used to make it is 23 grams of sugar and 90 calories. So avoid or reduce the sugar as much as you can by ordering drinks like gin or vodka with club soda, or – if your taste buds can handle it – order your drinks neat or on the rocks.

6. Stay active

It’s easy to find a chair on the lido deck and lie out all day, but instead of lounging around all day, commit to yourself to stay active. Even if you only move from one activity to another where you’re sitting, you’re still keeping yourself more active than just lying on a chair all day. If you’re going into port, try to pick a more active excursion. If you’re going to a beach for the day, try taking a walk on the beach to keep moving.

How do you maintain your health while on a cruise? Let us know!

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