7 Quick Facts About Dreamscape on Carnival Vista

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If you sailed on a cruise as little as 10 years ago, you wouldn’t find anything hanging from a ceiling except lights, with the possibility of a fancy chandelier in a main dining room. Carnival’s newest and 25th ship, Carnival Vista features an entirely unique atrium centerpiece.  It’s basically a large, funnel-shaped screen that can display anything the cruise line wants, and each day the dreamscape – the image displayed – changes.  While the Dreamscape as a centerpiece looks cool, there are a lot of moving parts to make it work.

1. 96 images

The images on the Dreamscape can be organized and controlled by an iPad. Right now it can be programmed to display 96 images.

2. First of its kind in LED world

There is no other LED in the world like the Dreamscape aboard Carnival Vista. Sure, they big LED boards like the one found at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, but none with the curvature and design like this one.

3. Bendable

The LED boards were designed to form into a sphere-like shape to create the Dreamscape.

4. 2,000 tiles in Dreamscape

At first glance, you may think that the Dreamscape is just once giant LED screen. This isn’t the case. There are 2,000 tiles that make up the three-story centerpiece in the Vista atrium.

5. 24 feet high

If you’re sitting at the Atrium Bar on Carnival Vista, the Dreamscape will span three decks.

6. Fire suppression system inside

Fire is the biggest threat to a cruise ship, which is why there is a self-contained fire suppression system inside Dreamscape.

7. 60,000 screws

To make up the Dreamscape require 60,000 tiny screws. Each screw thoughtfully and strategically put into place.

Those are just a few things that make the Dreamscape centerpiece in the Atrium Bar aboard Carnival Vista come to life.

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