7 Reasons I Hate Cruises

Hate is such a strong word. Every once in a while I’ll get a listener email that would fall into the opinionated category. I’m used to keyboard jockeys. After all, I had someone on Cruise Critic tell me that I shouldn’t be allowed to cruise after forgetting my sports jacket in the rental car.

Recently I got an email from a listener who wanted to vent (I guess).

The Email

I’m writing you to share my distaste in cruise vacations. I recently went on my first cruise and I personally hate cruises. I find them really boring.

My reasons:

1. I hate doing nothing, and by nothing I mean just sitting by the pool, napping, etc.

2. If I am going to travel, I want to experience a culture. Stay in one place for an extended period of time, and really immerse.

3. I don’t want preplanned meals

4. I don’t want to have preplanned activities

5. I don’t want to see canned shows

6. I don’t want to be surrounded by a bunch of people all the time

7. I like to travel with fluidity, I want to plan what I do and I want to plan when I do it. Really, I don’t want the be limited to a ship. I know you get off the ship at certain destinations, but your time is limited and again, you are just stuck with that boat.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Final Thoughts

Cruising isn’t for everyone. He sounds more like a Rick Steves kind of guy, backpacking through Europe. Wake up when you want, sleep when/where you want, and be as free as the wind.

To me, the value of cruising is unpacking once and seeing the world.

I know cruising isn’t for everyone but there are ways around most of his seven points.

Weigh in: How would you respond? 

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