6 Reasons to Book a Reduced Deposit Cruise

For a whole lot of people across big swaths of the country, looking out the window right now means seeing snow. And if you’re anything like us, the first thing you think of when the temperature drops, it’s… “Get me outta here! I wanna be somewhere warm!” So it’s no surprise that the coldest months of the year find cruise lines actively playing on our desires to escape by offering up all kinds of deals. And one of our very favorites?

The reduced-deposit offer, or what we think of as the “pay less now, cruise later” plan.

Why Book a Reduced Deposit Cruise?

1. You Can Spread Out The Pain

If there’s a downside to cruising, it’s that we kinda have to pay for it. And while it’s worth every penny, the fact is, we don’t always have the money on hand to plunk down on our next adventure. Reduced deposits allow us to make more plans with less money. After that, it’s easy to simply make payments to the cruise line on your own schedule, the same way you would make credit card payments… but without that pesky interest.

2. The Offers Often Come With Price Protection

Carnival Cruise Line and Norwegian Cruise Line is always running a reduced-deposit promotion, some which come with the added bonus of price protection. What that means, in a nutshell, is that you can book now, and you don’t have to worry about the price going up, because you’re locked in. And if it goes down after final payment, you can usually grab some On Board Credit to make up the difference.

3. Less = More, Part 1

Paying a lower deposit opens up the possibility of being able to book numerous trips at the same time. Since most lines are currently offering itineraries well into 2019, why not book this year’s vacation and next year’s?

4. Less = More, Part 2

Ever wanted to do a back-to-back sailing, but found the prospect of two deposits — one for each leg of the journey — intimidating? A reduced deposit offer makes it a whole lot easier to plunk down the up-front cash for both trips without busting the bank! Carnival’s current promotion has some cruises on which the deposit is as low as $100 per stateroom. Suddenly, for $200 bucks, that two week, back-to-back journey of your dreams is a whole lot more obtainable!

5. You Get To Keep Your Money A little Longer

Why hand over your hard-earned money earlier than you have to? That money can sit in your account and earn interest… or it can sit in theirs. Pretty sure we know which option we prefer.

6. You Can Start Your Cruise Countdown 

You obviously have cruise fever because you booked the cruise. Now you can start the 52 week savings plan and find ways to make the most out of your cruise without breaking the bank.

Always keep an eye on your favorite cruise line throughout the year, because you never know where and when reduced deposit sales might pop up next.

featured photo: Flickr/Larry

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