7 Things Cruising Does to You

While cruising is a fun vacation for anyone that loves to explore lots of different places, it can actually teach you quite a bit, too.  From logistics, to going out of your comfort zone, to trying new foods, there’s a lot to be learned from spending some time on the high seas.  Here are seven things we’ve come up with that cruising ends up doing to you – whether you like it or not!

1. Causes addiction

We are all victims. No matter how you came to take your first cruise, you were hopeless after that. The sunsets, the ocean views, the endless food and entertainment… who could blame you? Your free time will now consist of browsing cruise websites, researching new ships, reading cruise news, and listening to the Cruise Radio podcast so you can live vicariously through others. Welcome to the club.

2. Teaches strategy

There are a lot of logistics that go into planning a cruise. What type of stateroom will you book? Where do you want it to be on the ship: forward? aft? centered? What excursions or activities will you do in the ports? Will you even get off the ship? Who all is joining you on the cruise? The questions to answer are endless, which means you need a game plan going in. But for most of us, the planning is the fun part – because it means we’re going.

3. Expands your palate

This almost needs no explanation. Cruise ships are full of new foods to try, new people to meet, and new activities to try like water slides and ropes courses. And that’s just the ship! Your ports of call will have even more exotic foods, people, and activities. There is an endless amount of new things to try out on a cruise vacation.

4. Makes you feel small in the world

There is something very humbling about looking out upon the open water on a sea day and realizing you are tens to hundreds of miles away from shore. Traveling the seas and visiting different countries reminds you of how vast the world really is, which is an easy thing to forget.

5. Makes you appreciative

Many of us cruise to get away from various stresses like work, but all the sunbathing and booze will make you stop and appreciate the simple pleasures. Maybe work has been stressful, but at least you have a job and are well enough to cruise. Maybe you don’t get paid enough, but at least you make enough to get another mai tai and forget about it.

6. Makes you willing to work overtime

You are the first in your office to volunteer to work overtime, because what’s another hour or two extra each day when it means you’ll make some more cash? That’ll pay for an excursion, or drinks, or a massage, or some blackjack…

7. Opens your adventurous side

For some, just getting on the ship can be the adventure. Others seek the thrills of ziplining in Jamaica or cave tubing in Belize. No matter how adventurous you are, there are more than enough opportunities on a cruise to quench your thirst for a new experience.

What does cruising do to you? 

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