7 Thoughts Every Cruiser Has About Debarkation

The worst part of a cruise is having to disembark the ship. Getting up at the crack of dawn, making sure you have all your belongings, and back to reality. The experience itself is enough to give you a nervous breakdown, not to mention the start of post-cruise depression. So here are seven thoughts every cruiser has about debarkation.

1. Hope We Don’t Oversleep

You have to set two alarms because you know that if you don’t, the room steward will be banging on your day telling you to please leave. There’s nothing worse than waking up late (hungover) the final morning, half asleep, and trying to get your belongings together.

2. Did We Fill Out the Customs Form Correctly?

Double check the customs form to make sure we filled it out correctly, we don’t want to be one of those people. There is nothing worse than getting to the customs booth in port and finding out your form isn’t filled out correctly.

3. I Wonder if Breakfast Still Open?

It’s 8:24 and the dining room closes at 8:30, I wonder if we still have time to run down and get one last bite to eat before they close the door on our vacation for good?

4. How Long Is the Debark Line?

Disembarkation stinks bad enough without having to waiting in a Disney World-like cattle line to get off the ship. Maybe we should take a look and see how long it is. If it’s too long we’ll go look for food.

5. Hope We Didn’t Forget Anything

Phone cords, hairbrush, face wash, night clothes – these are all just a few things commonly found left in the cabin.

6. Please Don’t Lose Our Luggage!

As if the stress of the morning wasn’t bad enough, now you have to walk off the ship, down an escalator and pray that your luggage has safely made the magical journey from outside your stateroom to the cruise port dock.

7. I Should Have Booked a Back-to-Back

Those dozens of times you’ve thought about booking a longer cruise and maybe should have stopped by the future cruise consultants desk are finally starting to haunt you.

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