9 Reasons to Book a Spring Break Cruise

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Spring break is just around the corner. If you’re looking for a stress-free vacation with minimal planning and easy budgeting, look no further than a cruise.

Here are nine reasons you should book a spring break cruise.

1. Affordable

Budget is often a top priority when planning a vacation. Cruising offers the absolute best bang for your buck. A hotel room alone can cost at least $100 per night in vacation locations, and that doesn’t include food or entertainment for your trip. Cruises provide you with all three, and if you plan right and look out for sales, you can find one for less than $100 per day. It’s hard to pass up a deal like that.

2. Plan and pay in advance

Cruises are the perfect vacation for the budget conscious because you can pre-pay for the majority of your costs, so if you begin planning 12 or 18 months in advance, you can just make low monthly payments toward your total cost, which is a lot easier than fronting a few hundred dollars at once. This makes cruises especially accessible to groups like college students who may want to take a group vacation for their senior year but want to keep it affordable.

3. Warm weather

“Spring break” and “sun tan” might as well be synonymous. Warm weather and sandy beaches are the first thing to come to mind when thinking of spring break, so why not book a cruise and visit several beaches in one trip? And when you’re not in port, you can still soak up some rays on the lido deck, all while enjoying entertainment like a live steel drum band, an ice carving show, and waiters happy to deliver you a piña colada so you don’t even have to get up.

4. Drink packages

People love to drink on spring break. After being forced to stay indoors all winter, spring break is time to enjoy the return of the sun, and what better way than with a drink in hand. Cruise lines offer drink packages that will allow you to drink as much as you want and never worry about the bill, because you pay one predetermined cost – usually ~$50 per person per day, like Carnival’s new CHEERS! program, which includes 15 alcoholic drinks per day up to a $50 value each, cappuccinos, lattes, juices, Gatorade, coconut water, etc. This is yet another way for the budget conscious to plan ahead and control what they spend on their vacation.

5. Like-minded people

When it comes to spring break – and to cruises in general, really – everyone is there to have a good time and make the most of their time off from work, school, or whatever. Cruises are a great opportunity to meet new people and make new friends.

6. Destinations

If you’re trying to get a group of friends together for spring break, it can be hard to get everyone agree on a destination. However, cruises hit multiple exotic locations with you only having to unpack once, so it’s easy to please an entire group of people in one trip.

7. Excursions

Even when a group of people agree on where to visit, not everyone agrees on what to do. While visiting those places, there are plenty of excursion options to choose from for every level of interest. Just check out www.cruisingexcursions.com to check out how to book a beach day getaway, zip lining adventure, historical city tour, or many other activities.

8. Easy to plan

Cruises are easy to plan. Once everyone agrees on the cruise line and itinerary, you’re set. You can all decide to do things together on the ship and in port, or you can decide to meet up at dinner but do your own thing during the day. Either way, a cruise is perfect way for a group of people to get together while still each enjoying what he or she wants to do.

9. All-inclusive

You pre-pay for your cruise and you can pre-purchase your excursions and a beverage package, meaning your post-cruise costs would only be any gift shop items and photos that you may want to buy. That way you know all your costs upfront and aren’t surprised by anything.

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