9 Ways to Cure Post Cruise Depression

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According to Urban Dictionary, Post Cruise Depression is the feeling you get after disembarking from a cruise ship. Usually caused by not being able to see all of the cool people you met onboard anymore. Typically lasts for 1-7 days, but can be much longer.

Doctors Say

My doctor told me that Post Cruise Depression is a serious thing. “On a cruise there is an increase in endorphins. When the cruise is over the endorphins drop, which can cause depression, along with return of reality and all the associated stress,” he said.

It’s a serious illness that thousands of cruisers experience each morning.  To make matters worse it’s not covered under insurance.

Here are 9 ways to cure Post Cruise Depression

1. Book a Post Cruise Hotel

Your cruise is over but you can always stay a little bit longer in port and watch the ships leave. Although you may be green with envy watching the ships sail away that afternoon, at least you’re not heading straight home.

2. Buy Cruise Furnishings

Did you know cruise lines sell furnishings and linens that they use on their ships? Carnival Cruise Line sells Carnival Comfort Bed. You can also buy pillows, duvets, robes, blankets, sheet sets, embroidered bath liners and even dog beds!

3. Get Connected

Check out cruise blogs Cruise Radio (this one), Cruise Fever and message boards like Cruise Critic and Cruiseline.com.

4. Cook Cruise Food

You can search the internet and find a ton of cruise line recipes. The Disney Cruise Blog has been collecting recipes over the years and have them posted here. Carrie recently tried and succeeded in making Carnival’s Warm Chocolate Melting Cake, you can find her recipe here.

5. Make Drinks

The website Cruisin.me has a variety of drink recipes from Acapulco Gold to the Yellow Bird and everything in between. The good thing about making drinks at home is they’ll be a heck of a lot cheaper and no beverage package is required!

6. Download a Podcast

[smart_track_player url=”https://traffic.libsyn.com/cruiseradioshow/CR_APRIL_23_15_MIX_AU.mp3″ title=”John Heald Interview ” artist=”Cruise Radio” ]

There are a couple podcasts out there that you can download to curb your cruise anxiety until your next one. Check out Cruise Radio’s weekly podcast that gives weekly cruise news, cruise reviews from actual cruisers and money saving tips for your next sailing.

7. Watch Weekly Sail Aways

If you’re a real cruise addict you may already know about this – sail away webcams. You can literally watch the ships all day long until they leave. The webcam operators zoom in on all the ships and give great views.

Some popular webcams to bookmark:

8. Download an App.

ShipMate App has been around for a few years and it keeps getting better. ShipMate App gives you a cruise countdown, roll calls, deck plans, ship webcams, excursion options, cruise schedules and the ability to monitor your cruise fare. You can find the app in your app store and learn more about ShipMate App here.

9. Book Another Cruise

This is a simple one. You can start your search for your next cruise below!

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