A Cruise to Nowhere

There is a older military vessel that sits in the port downtown Jacksonville, Fla., I think its on a tour or something. While I was down at the pier taking a look at it I over heard a older couple talking about a three day cruise they want to take but they have never been on a ship before. After that the couple mentioned that they weren’t too crazy about ports. I couldn’t resist, yes, I butted into their convo and suggested to try a cruise to nowhere.

They looked at me and almost simultaneously said “whats that?”

So what the heck, lets blog about it — What is a cruise to nowhere?

A cruise to nowhere is exactly how it sounds. Normally lasting two or three nights, the ship leaves port, goes into the ocean and basically spins circles while you are having a good time. A cruise to nowhere has the same amenities as a regular cruise: dining options, gaming, art shows, etc. The only difference is you are not going into a exotic port of call.

Who goes on a cruise to nowhere?

There really isn’t a direct answer for this. Folks that want to sample what a cruise ship is like, folks that don’t care about going to ports of call, or folks who just want to have a quick weekend getaway are all ideal candidate for a cruise to no where.

What kind of activities can you find on a cruise to nowhere?

Here are just a few, depending on the cruise line, the list can go on:

  • Casino fun
  •  Spa
  •  Lido deck activities
  •  Bands
  • Vegas style shows
  •  Fine dining
  • Art shows
  • Night clubs

By the end of our conversation the couple was very thankful that I took the time to explain to them what a cruise to nowhere is. I swear I should have been a travel agent! (kidding)

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