A Saturday Night in Jacksonville, Fla.

Jacksonville, Fla., city scape

In case you didn’t know I work at a radio station as my full time job (on air personality), I am a blogger for fun. Saying that, we do a lot of events downtown Jacksonville, Fla., at a couple of the night clubs. Every once in a while I will come and sit by the river and enjoy the view of the boats slowly passing by or the music from all the waterfront venues before I make my way into the night club. It’s so relaxing …..

Tonight as I am sitting here (yes, writing a blog from my iphone) I am reminded of how relaxing and fun cruises actually are. I could go on and on about how you get so much bang for your buck, how entertaining they are, and the people you meet that will last a lifetime. Not tonight though. Tonight I want to share with you how refreshing they are mentally.

I have just under 20 cruises under my belt. There is nothing like stepping on a cruise ship and checking all your problems at the gangway. If you don’t want to have email, cell phones, or beepers, you don’t have to. Escaping the everyday rat race is so refreshing. If you want to have those couple extra drinks or glasses of wine at dinner, go for it. If you want to stay up dancin til 4 am in the disco, nothing is stopping you . Sleep til noon, sure. Eat ice cream and pizza for breakfast, go ahead (we all have that inner kid in us still). Get a facial and pedicure at noon, it’s not like you can do it when your back home. Those are just a couple of my thoughts in why cruising is so mentally refreshing. When you get back on land, sure you will have the same issues you left at the gangway — just a more relaxed approach of dealing with them.

I hope your having a great weekend. For me, it’s off to our night club night we do every Saturday evening. Cheers! 🙂

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