Abandoned Cruise Ship Sinks

A year after being abandoned off the coast of Thailand, a ship known as the Ocean Dream capsized and sank earlier yesterday, becoming a potential environmental nightmare as questions are raised as to how much damage has been done… and who will be responsible for the necessary salvage and clean-up. According to the Chiangrai Times, the ship was set to depart for China over a year ago, but instead wound up being anchored off the Laem Chabang coast; for all intents and purposes an abandoned ghost ship. The Chinese owners were asked on numerous occasions to move the ship, but simply failed to respond to the government’s requests.

This weekend, fisherman noticed that the ship was taking on water and listing to the left. Attempts to stabilize the abandoned vessel eventually proved futile, as it sank in the relatively shallow waters, portions of it still visible above the waterline. Planes were dispatched to determine whether or not the ship was leaking fuel in an effort to find out just how serious a threat to the local environment the situation presented.

Records indicate that after being finished in 1972 and sailing as The Spirit of London, the ship joined the Princess fleet as the Sun Princess in 1985. During the ensuing years, she has sailed under several flags and names before becoming the Ocean Dream under Shanghai Eastime Ship Management.

Featured photo: Wikipedia.

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