Alcohol Onboard A Cruise Ship

Earlier this evening I was at a website launch party downtown and got approached by a friend who is going on a cruise tomorrow on the Carnival Legend, out of Tampa, FL.  She asked me the million dollar question — “Whats the booze situation like?”

The prices on board are what you can expect to pay at a resort, five dollar beers, six dollar mixed drinks, and seven dollar frozen drinks. Added on those prices are a gratuity between 15-18  percent.

As far as wine goes. A lot of cruise lines let you bring two bottles of wine per passenger. I always bring a good white and red for dinner.  Do keep in mind if you bring it to dinner, they will charge you a ten dollar corking fee.

You have a few options when it comes to enjoying alcohol on board and the route you want to take:

A.  Bring your own booze aboard, some cruise lines are more lenient on their policy, others not so much.  Make sure you read the terms and contract for the regulations on alcohol on board.

B. Stick with the same bartender the whole criuse. I cant even begin to tell you the number of cruises that I have been on where I stuck with one bartender and got the best service. Sticking with the same one has its perks because the bartender knows what you like and is more likely to “hook you up.”  Use cash when tipping the first day. Make a lasting impression. Cash is king.

C. Find a sugar daddy for the night! *haha*

I would love to hear your  ideas…

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  1. Well, I guess my plan to re-label my bottle of Jack Daniels as SNAKE BITE MEDICINE might not work too well then.

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