An innovative idea to cruise research

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A lot of people email me and tell me its their first time cruising and ask how to they find out about the ship they will be sailing on.

My first response would always be to check the cruise lines website and check the ship layout.  Now, thanks to this cool thing called “the Internet,” there is more and more we can learn about our cruise ship, destination, and get insider tips.

One valuable tool that can give you an interactive tour of the ship you are sailing on is YouTube.  Just goto and type in the vessel you are going to be sailing on.  Granted, it may not be the most professional video tour because it is all amateur footage but it will give you an idea of what the cruise ship looks like. 

Below is a video that I did last year while sailing on the Sovereign of the Seas. It’s short but you will get the idea.

Don’t miss out on all the opportunities to get to know your ship. Hope this helps!

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