Bad Weather and Cruising

So one of the questions that I get a lot is “what is there to do onboard the ship when it rains?”  On my first cruise this was a major concern for me.  Not only is the thought of rocking back and forth on a six story boat not sound fun, but to me it sounds like a pure fun killer.  Fear not though I have been on several cruises, and we have not always had the benefit of good weather.  Of course if you are cruising to the Bahamas just wait five minutes and the weather will change.  You have to remember the ocean has weather like Florida.  You can almost always bet it will rain at some point, but it will normally last no longer than thirty minutes or so.  When this happens the ship hardly misses a beat, and normally it turns out to be a very wet deck party.  Besides who can beat dancing in the rain?  I will say that if you do see a rain storm coming, it is the coolest site to watch it fall across the ocean.  I have even been on ship before and it was only raining on half of the ship!  It is very common to watch a storm come at you, and then have it stop honestly just feet from the boat, yet it never touches deck.  

If drinking and dancing in the rain is not your thing, then there are tons of things that you can do while you wait for it to stop.  One of my favorite things is to go to the coffee shop order a nice cup of Joe, and under a covered deck and watch the rain.  It just sends your whole soul into relaxation mode, and you might even find yourself drifting off into a nice daydream.  I also like to take these times to really explore the ship, to search out parts of the ship that you have never noticed before.  You might find a bathroom you didn’t know existed, or perhaps even a little club room.  Cruise ships don’t waste an inch, and sometimes I have been exploring and found my own little quiet place.  Not to mention all the artwork cruise ships are normally loaded with.  Take some time, go look at some art.  Who knows you may find something and fall in love with it.  Another fun thing to do is to go sit at the Atrium bar.  This bar no matter what ship you are on normally has very few people sitting at it, yet is crawling with people all around it.  Since it is the gateway to the rest of the ship.  So sit down, have a drink, and just watch the people.  I love  to people watch, and this is the greatest place to do it.  

So as you can see there is a ton of things to do, that the rain can’t touch.  If you ask me a small rain storm onboard a ship is just another reason to live.  Let loose, dance around, go swimming, get in the hot tub, take this opportunity to slow down and marvel at the glory that has been given to you.  I believe you may just discover a side of you, that you haven’t seen in a long time


By. TJ M

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