Black Friday Cruise Sales: Fact Or Fiction?

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For millions of folks, the only thing more American than turkey on Thanksgiving is the Black Friday sales which start before the leftovers have even been put into the fridge. Whether trampling one another at Walmart or filling their virtual carts at Amazon, consumers will buy anything that’s marked (but not nailed) down. Which got us to wondering whether cruises, like everything else, become a bargain on the day after Thanksgiving!

Over the past few years, cruise prices have certainly fluctuated, with lines building more ships to meet the rising demand. And this has left would-be passengers with more options and, occasionally, great deals.

But do cruise lines offer Black Friday deals?

Of course they do. Anyone who has signed up for promotional offers via E-mail will find themselves reading about all kinds of deals. “Kids sail free!” “$200 on-board credit!” And our very favorite (we’re joking, for the sarcasm impaired) because it ultimately has no impact on the price you pay, “50 percent off your deposit!” So yes, the lines will definitely have Black Friday promotions. The real question then becomes…

Are these actually deals?

According to Stewart Chiron of, the answer is simple: “No,” he says, “Black Friday deals are the same deals as usual.” In fact, he refers to them as “Whoop Dee Doo sales, because they’re all stuffing, no meat!”

So while there are certainly worse ways to spend the day after Thanksgiving than surfing the net in search of better-than-average deals — Hey, it never hurts to dream, right? — Chiron suggests you’ll have better luck elsewhere. “Try Best Buy for actual deals,” he laughs. And hey, you could always take the money you save there and apply it toward the cost of your next cruise!

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