Why You Should Book Your Cruise on Thursdays

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Did you know that like airfare, there may be a preferable day of the week to book a cruise?

Cruise Watch, a search engine for cruise price drops did an extensive study that says exactly that – and the day fares are lowest? Thursday.

The search engine analyzed over 600,000 cruise price reductions during the past few years, and there were more than twice as many drops on Thursdays than on the slowest day – Sunday.


“When a sailing is not sold out, most cruise lines will discount the cabins rather than sailing empty,” explains Britta Bernhard, co-founder of the site. “These price drops can make for some incredible deals. But you need to find them and book quickly.”

Price Hikes

The day when the prices seem to hike the most is Wednesday.  34 percent more price hikes happen on that day than any other day of the week.  Weekends, however, are generally pretty quiet, with Sunday being the quietest day.

Use a website such as Cruise Watch or cruiseline.com to monitor cruise price drops, and make your decision of when to book based on the fluctuations you find.

For a detailed post on how to monitor cruise price drops, click here.

Source: CruiseWatch.com

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