Booze Cruise + Football = Lawsuit

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What do you get when you put 700 fans of NFL party animal Rob Gronkowski on the Norwegian Pearl for a three-day booze cruise? A whole lotta drinking, reports of folks being offered $10,000 to have sex in public… and the attention of lawyers handling an already-in-progress lawsuit. According to NBC Sports’ Pro Football Talk, the party hosted by the wild and crazy New England Patriots player has become an issue in the ongoing lawsuit between Tony Romo’s National Fantasy Football Convention and the NFL. Back in 2015, Roma had planned a gathering for players and fans in Las Vegas, only to have the NFL shut the event down because “players and NFL personnel may not participate in promotional activities or other appearances at or in connection with events that are held at or sponsored by casinos.”

And if you’ve latched onto the word casino in that last sentence, you may see where this story is going. Because Roma’s lawyers, upon hearing about the much-hyped Gronk’s Party Boat, filed an amendment to their lawsuit which reads, in part, “[the] party took place on Norwegian Cruise Line, where Gronkowski and attendees can take full advantage of Norwegian’s famed ‘Casinos at Sea.’” The papers go on to point out that the NFL “knew about the party cruise and its ties to gambling for more than seven months prior to the event, yet the NFL took no action to either discipline Rob Gronkowski or prevent the event from taking place.”

Ironically, Gronkowski himself was one of the players originally slated to take part in the Fantasy Football Convention. The NBC Sports report indicated that if a hearing Monday could decide whether Roma’s case will be settled or wind up moving forward to trial.

Featured Photo: Flickr/David Resz

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