Carnival Breeze: First Night

Sail away party out of Barcelona on Carnival Breeze.

We left off when I was leaving the ship to go explore Barcelona, and boy that was fun! So much history, little cafes, landmarks, shops and places to stay connected. I’ll write something separate on that. I returned to the ship at 4pm and was one of the last people to board which was nice because I already had my picture taken, so I just walked right on. Expect to pay between $9-20 euros to/from the cruise port, depending on where you want to go in Barcelona. Research the port before you go, I was charged $22 when the closest Starbucks could be seen from the port (I need to follow my own advice).

The mandatory safety drill happened around 5:00 and we went to our assigned muster stations, ours happened to be the main dining room. I think every cruise line has really tightened up their safety drills after January, Carnival now as an animated video that makes it that more visual. The drill lasted around 20-minutes and on top of that, the cruise director, John Heald, made mention of the dangers of fire onboard and to wash hands every chance you get. Afterwards I went to shoot video around the ship during sail-away. Sailing out of Barcelona really isn’t that eventful; the ship spins around in the harbor and makes a direct line for the ocean.

The sail away party aboard the ship, now that was a different story! There was all types of dancing, drinking and the social element was really there. It was an awesome way to start a 12-day Med cruise. What I really enjoy is the outdoor movie screen. You can watch events from the main show lounge from the comfort of the bar. I haven’t made it over the tequila bar yet, only the Red Frog Pub, a big fan of that beer. Dinner was at 8:15 in the Main Dining Room and was the typical fare. Your standard every-night menu and the menus with dishes available for that night. I went with sweet and sour shrimp, shrimp cocktail, salad and crème brule, all so good!

Motor City was performed last night and was a big hit. If you’re wondering what Motor City is, it’s a one of the new playlist productions that starts in the main show lounge and ends in the atrium.

After Motor City was over (1030p) a lot of people moved to the Red Frog Pub to listen to some live acoustic music. The guitar player is from South Carolina and is very talented; he knows songs from every genre and even country! Red Frog Pub will NOT run out of ThirstyFrog Red this cruise because they loaded up 50-kegs. One of the VP’s of the company said, “whoever taps the last keg, I’ll pay their bar tab. We’re not running out of beer.”

The night club aboard the ships seems to be a happening place. I was surprised that the venues were so packed with people last night after a lot of people making the transatlantic flight. By the time I went to bed last night I was up for 36 hours.

There’s still so much more to check out like the thrill Library Bar, theater, sports area, spa, other dining venues and more shows.

As for right now, I’m going to explore Marseille, France. Be sure to follow all of our pictures on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and our SeaBlogs.
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