Carnival Casinos Get 3-D Wheel of Fortune Machines

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Confession time: I have a little rule when I’m on a cruise ship. If I happen to walk past an unoccupied Wheel of Fortune slot machine and it shouts out its name, as they are programmed to do every now and then, I am required by (my own internal) law to stick a $20 bill in. That’s just how I roll… or spin, as the case may be.

Now, those already impossible to resist machines are about to make a grab for even more of our collective money thanks to the new Wheel of Fortune Double Diamond 3D Video Slots which are being introduced by International Game Technology exclusively on Carnival Cruise Line vessels.

No Glasses Required!

Never fear, this isn’t the kind of 3D where you need to don those pesky glasses that never quite fit, as the machines feature what is called “True 3D.” According to IGT’s info on the machine, “Reels are CD, so players will see the full depth and rotation of the reels as if they were real mechanical reels; some symbols will appear slightly raised and textured, and are presented in 3D space.” When the “coin bonus” is activated, “a 3D effect shows the coin flying off the fourth reel, duplicating and ending with a coin hovering above each of the other 3 reels in 3D space. Players choose one coin and a prize value… is revealed.”

Win A Free Cruise!

“We’re pleased to add these exciting and groundbreaking Wheel of Fortune 3D slots to our shipboard casinos,” said David Thomas, Carnival’s Senior Director of North American Operations, Global Casino Operations, “[as] part of our year-long Wheel of Fortune celebration.”

Meanwhile, as the slots are being rolled out to nine ships in the fleet, IGT and Carnival are teaming up for the Spin ‘n Sail promotion. In land-based casinos across the United States and Canada, events will be held at which winning players will be awarded a free cruise for two and entry into the grand finale $200,000 tournament. Then, this November, the qualified winners will take place in a tournament during an eight-day Caribbean cruise aboard the Carnival Magic, sailing out of Port Canaveral.

To find out when and where the Spin ‘n Sail qualifying tournaments will be held, click here!

Are you a fan of the Wheel of Fortune slot machines? If not, which slot is your favorite… and what’s the biggest jackpot you’ve ever won?

Featured photo: Casino at Delaware Park

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