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Carnival CEO Says Fleetwide Changes to Come



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photo: Andy Newman

Last week at Cruise Shipping Miami, Carnival Cruise Lines’ CEO Gerry Cahill announced fleetwide changes when it comes to their ships and emergencies situations like Carnival Triumph last month.

What is the plan?

  1. Detection, Suppression and Prevention of Fires
  2. Engine room redundancies
  3. What additional hotel facilities may be able to run of emergency generators
  4. The changes that are made from the first three items and how to implement them

Cahill said, “ We have a lot of experts from a lot of different disciplines involved in the process of performing this review, including experts in fire safety; naval architects, marine engineers, electrical engineers and mechanical engineers.”

Teams are located in four different areas working on this plan: Southampton, UK;  Mobile, Alabama; Miami, Florida and Trieste, Italy, where Fincantieri shipyard is located.

We will soon find out when this plan is fully implemented.

As to Cahill’s reply to first time cruisers, “We have a very good safety record overall and the good thing is, we always, as an industry, try to learn from these things and try to get better.”

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