Carnival Cruise Guest Solves A Mystery

If this were a Hardy Boys book, it might be called “The Case of the Curious Cruiser.” And like something out of those classic stories, this story involves a mystery, a little sleuthing and a happy ending.

Secret Of The Lost Diamond Ring

The story began when Mike King of Melbourne, Florida took a cruise aboard the Carnival Magic this February. While emptying the safe at the end of his cruise, he found a diamond ring in the back of the safe and, rather than turn it over to lost and found and hope the gem found its way back to its owner, decided to try and find the person who’d left it behind himself! “Things went through my head,” he told Fox 35 in Orlando “about looking in lost-and-found boxes and digging through those and things never really getting back to their rightful owners.”

But because this “felt like it was more of a family heirloom,” Flynn said he felt compelled to “get it back to the right person.”

With that in mind, Flynn took his story to Carnival, Facebook, and the local media. And soon enough, he struck… well, gold!

A Happy Ending

After seeing the story on Fox 35, Mai Ly of Tampa contacted the newscasters who in turn put her in touch with King. When the two got together, she was able to show pictures from her October trip aboard the Magic in which she is wearing the ring, proving that King had managed to find its owner.

As King had originally speculated, the ring wasn’t necessarily worth a lot of money… but its sentimental value proved immeasurable as it was an heirloom passed down to Ly by her late grandmother. According to a Fox News follow-up, the ring was “one of the few items that survived [Ly’s] grandmother’s departure from Vietnam to Hong Kong.”

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