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Carnival Cruise Line “Extremely Hopeful” About November Return



If things go as planned, Carnival Cruise Line hopes they will be able to resume sailings much sooner than many people expected. In fact, there’s the possibility they could begin next month.

carnival horizon

So far, there’s been no word on which ships might be the first to sail or from which ports.

“Shorter, Modified Cruises” Could Happen Soon

In a since-deleted video posted to his Facebook page, Carnival Cruise Line’s brand ambassador, John Heald, addressed the subject. After shooting down rumors of a supposed “big announcement,” he went on to discuss some of the encouraging cruise news emerging from around the world.

Heald spoke of the first Costa Cruises trip which “is going really well so far” and the fact that AIDA would have its first ship return later this month. (Like Carnival Cruise Line, both Costa and AIDA are divisions of Carnival Corporation.) “Lots of little positive things are coming through each and every day,” he said before going on to drop a bit of news nobody expected.

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“The latest news is we are extremely hopeful that we will cruise in November, and possibly before, on shorter, modified cruises. And we are working with the CDC, we’ve got very smart people who’ve put a plan together to keep everybody safe and make sure that the fun is going to continue for you.”

As questions poured in from people looking for details regarding everything from mask requirements to changes which might be made to food offerings, Heald essentially asked that people be patient. “When I know,” he promised, “you will know!”

“That’s Why The Cruise Industry Can Not Fail”

As for cruising’s future, Heald ended on not only a positive note, but one which focused on the impact the industry has on thousands of lives.

“That’s why the cruise industry is so important. Every time we build a new ship, it isn’t just so we can put big screens on and the latest shows and gimmicks and so that everybody can cruise,” he enthused. “It’s so that we can provide jobs for thousands of crew members from all over the world.

crew member carnival horizon

Carnival’s crew members, such as this bartender aboard the Carnival Horizon, are as anxious to welcome back guests as guests are to return!

“That’s why the cruise industry can not fail,” he concluded. “That’s why the cruise industry must not and will not fail. Not just because it’s the best vacation experience in the world, but because it has that knock-on effect for thousands of people all over the world.”

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