Carnival Details Vista Brewery

Carnival released more information about the onboard brewery on Carnival Vista today. The RedFrog Pub and Brewery will have three different hand-crafted beers, brewed right onboard.  This will make it the first brewery at sea in North America.

Brewery on Carnival Vista. photo: John Heald FB Page
Brewery on Carnival Vista. photo: John Heald FB Page

Type of Brews

Concrete Beach is an Alchemy & Science brand, an independently operating subsidiary of The Boston Beer Company. Alchemy & Science is home to other such popular breweries around the country, including Angel City Brewery in Los Angeles and Coney Island Brewing Co. in Brooklyn, N.Y.  Each of these breweries produces beers specifically inspired by and brewed to be representative of their respective locales. The resulting examples include such beers as Tropic of Passion, a passion fruit wheat beer from Miami, Angel City IPA from L.A., and Coney Island Mermaid Pilsner from New York.


Similarly, Concrete Beach is working closely with Carnival to create original recipes and source and select the finest ingredients to produce three distinctive craft beers that will be brewed and served on board Carnival Vista.  Those beers will include:

  • ThirstyFrog Port Hoppin’ IPA – offers aromatic, floral and hoppy notes with passion fruit and citrus overtones
  • ThirstyFrog Caribbean Wheat – an unfiltered lager with aromas of bananas and spices
  • FriskyFrog Java Stout – a take on a traditional stout, rich and creamy with hints of coffee

The beers to be featured on Carnival Vista further build upon a greatly expanded selection of craft beers across the entire Carnival fleet. U.S.-based Carnival ships already serve Concrete Beach Brewery’s Rica Wheat IPA, Angel City Brewery’s Pilsner, Coney Island’s Hard Root Beer, and 1609 Amber. On a regional basis, Carnival ships sailing from Miami feature Concrete Beach Stiltsville Miami-style Pilsner, while Long Beach, California-based ships offer Angel City Brewery IPA, and cruises departing from New York City are stocked with Coney Island Mermaid Pilsner.

Photos courtesy of Carnival Cruise Line.

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