Carnival Donates $75,000 for Coral Reef Conservation

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The philanthropic arm of Carnival Corporation – Carnival Foundation, has made a $75,000 donation to the Cayman Islands-based Central Caribbean Marine Institute.  The funds will help the institute continue research in the Cayman Islands that will double the growth and restoration of globally endangered coral species.

The outcome of the research funded by Carnival will be incorporated into Little Cayman Research Centre’s Cayman Ocean Science Academy to help develop a science-based program called Raise a Reef.  The program will engage 200 local school children in activities aimed at improving coral reef conservation in the Cayman Islands.

Through Raise a Reef, participating local teachers will have access to an online educational game, activity guide about coral restoration, and a field guide to endangered coral species.

Founded in 1998, the Central Caribbean Marine Institute’s mission is to conduct and facilitate research, education, outreach, and conservation programs that will sustain marine diversity for future generations. For more information, click here.

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