Carnival Dream: My Dining Experience

On Wednesday afternoon after we interviewed the asst. cruise director on the Carnival Dream, we set sail for the dining room (awful pun!)  The few hours we were on the ship we got to experience a couple of places… literally two of them. I did ask about a couple other ones on the ship and I will also pass the info along to you.

The Gathering

The first dining room that we stumbled upon was a place located just behind the aqua theater called “The Gathering.”  It was not your typical cruise fare. Located in the gathering was a Mongolian wok station with custom made stir fries, international fare, NY deli, salad bar, frozen yogurt, a typical buffet, and a pizzeria. Needless to say when I walked in, I was in heaven! Carnival by far has the best food at sea.


This was a sushi bar on the promenade deck with complementary sushi. It wasn’t the best sushi I have ever eaten (that was in NY), but it was close.  I also saw sake there, pretty sure there is a charge for that though.

Formal Dining

If formal dining is your thing, there is the Scarlet and Crimson main dining rooms. These dining rooms are two levels and absolutely gorgeous.  You will find your traditional fare here: steaks, chicken, vegetarian choices, and children’s menus.

The Ultimate Dining Experience at the Chef’s Art Steakhouse

This is one place that I didn’t get to eat but I am a big fan of steaks so I will when I make my sailing.  This is for someone seeking a little more of an intimate dining experience.  Its located on deck 12 and only seats 139 guests.  There is a charge of $30 per person but it looks well worth it.

The menu:

  • Nine ounce filet
  • 14 ounce strips
  • 18 ounce grilled prime rib chop
  • 24 ounce Porterhouse
  • Lobster tail
  • Sea bass
  • Lobster Ravioli
  • Creamed spinach
  • Wasabi mashed potatoes
  • …….. and more!!

More to come!

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