Carnival Elation Deck Plans

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Ready for a fun-filled, exciting vacation? What are you waiting for? Hop onboard the Carnival Elation, where the name of the ship is the mood of her passengers at any given time. Leaving from Jacksonville and sailing to the Bahamas and the Caribbean, your journey to sunshine and paradise will be as exhilarating as the destinations themselves.

There’s excitement galore at the Twister waterslide, where you will slide down so fast you’d think you’ve broken a world record. With three different areas of supervised, kid-friendly activities on the ship, the little ones won’t have a short supply of entertainment (and you won’t have to worry).

The Spa Carnival is the perfect place to relax even more than you already have. You will have your choice of aromatherapy, full-body wraps, and hot stone massages. Why not grab a drink after your spa day? Head over to Gatsby’s or the Musical Cafe for something to sip on. Tiffany’s on the Lido Deck is sure to give you a delicious dining experience. When you’re in a dancing mood, Playlist Productions and Jekyll and Hyde’s Bar has you covered. The Punchliner Comedy Club is host to some of the most funny comedians on the ocean. And when you’re in need of a bigger pick-me-up, the Coffee Bar has got you covered.

What happens when your favorite board games become truly larger than life? You’ll find that out at Hasbro, The Game Show – a super interactive experience that gets adults and kids alike involved. There’s nothing wrong with some friendly competition! At the Piano Bar, bring your friends and remember your favorite tunes – because the Elation’s piano player has got you covered. For a decadent end to your night, be sure to indulge at the Chef’s Table – where delicious desserts and entrees await.

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Carnival Elation deck plans