Carnival Goes Full Steam Ahead with Chair Hogs and Booze Package

chair hogs (UPDATED 10:00AM) Per Carnival, the deck-chair policy is rolling out right now on a gradual basis and fleet-wide by mid-September.

Remember earlier this month we told you that Carnival was testing the deck chair hog policy? Well it must be working because John Heald announced on his Facebook that it’ll be rolled out fleet-wide.

Heald said, “The seat saving program on Lido deck that has meant that seat savers have been banished on all the open decks is about to go fleet wide. I am waiting for the roll out schedule from our VP of Houskeeping and Operations and as soon as I get it I will confirm what is happening and when.”

Also, last week Carnival announced testing their “My Awesome Bar Program” aboard Carnival Victory where for $42.95 per day (plus 15% gratuity) guests can get unlimited bar drinks under $10. Turns out it’s been getting a great response and was recently rolled out to Carnival Splendor .

The all-you-can-drink program sparked over 40 comments on the Cruise Radio Facebook page. Listener Rita Alexander said, “Our liquor bill is less than $42 for an entire cruise – for two of us!” While others are excited about it, Andy Matthews said, “wow…no more need to smuggle everything on!”

What about the “Faster to the Fun” program that’s being tested on Miami-based Carnival Liberty and Carnival Imagination? That’s the program where for $49.95 guests can get priority boarding, get into their room before 1:30pm and express luggage.

We asked Vicky Garcia, Executive Vice President of Marketing for Cruise Planners/American Express what she thought, “I love the pay-for-perks programs. I think there is definitely an audience, myself included, that will really gravitate toward this as people love the option to “pay for convenience.” It may not be for everyone, which is a good thing.”

We’ll have to wait and see how it pans out.

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