Carnival Corporation Lawsuit Update

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Now that it looks like smooth sailing – pun intended – for Cuban-born individuals who were hoping to sail aboard Fathom’s voyages to Cuba, the company’s legal issues regarding the matter are also being left in their wake.

Why They Were Being Sued

The lawsuit, filed by two Cuban exiles, came as a result of Carnival’s April announcement that, in keeping with the government of Cuba’s policy against allowing its citizens to arrive via sea, the line would not be allowing Cuban-born passengers to purchase tickets on those sailings. The decision resulted in a firestorm of controversy, with many taking Carnival to task for supporting the Cuban government’s discrimination.

Why the Lawsuit Was Dropped

Last week, however, Carnival Corporation was able to reach an agreement with the Cuban government allowing them to book passage for any and all comers, including Cuban-born citizens. As a result, passengers wanting to book on the Adonia, the Fathom ship making weekly trips to Cuba, will now be able to do so. For more on the Adonia and fathom’s social-impact travel program, click here.

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