Carnival Expands Staggered Check-In

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Carnival Cruise Line is expanding staggered check-in to the port of New Orleans effective January 23, 2016. Staggered check-in is currently underway in Galveston for Carnival Magic, Carnival Freedom, and Carnival Triumph.

From John Heald

Cruise Director John Heald said on his Facebook,”As you know we have been underway with our staggered check in system for ships sailing out of Galveston for some time now. I know change is never always easy to accept; there is no doubt that it has for the most part eased congestion, lines have diminished, and the whole process has been made much easier. So with that in mind we will be moving to a staggered check in system for the brilliant port of New Orleans for the Carnival Dream and Carnival Elation commencing January 23rd & 24th.”

Arrive on Time

Under the staggered check-in process, guests will pick a time to board the ship when they’re checking in online. Guests will be able to arrive at the port up to 30 minutes before the check-in begins. Any guest who arrives before their time will be denied and asked to return during their check-in window. Guests will be able to select an embarkation time between 11a and 3p.

Status Has Priority

Platinum, Diamond, and guests that have purchased ‘Faster to the Fun’ will be able to board at their leisure but will still need to select a time online.
Additional staggered check-in homeports will be rolled out through 2016.
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