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Carnival Tests All-Inclusive Beverage Package



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Could Carnival be joining the ranks of other lines that offer all-inclusive beverages packages? They could if all goes well on the trial run aboard Carnival Victory, that started August 5.

The “My Awesome Bar Program” is Carnival’s answer to all-inclusive alcohol packages, offering guests beer, wine, spirits and non-frozen cocktails. These drinks are available through-out the entire voyage for $42.95 per person per day, plus 15% gratuity. Giving guests an all inclusive drink experience.

For now, guests sailing aboard Carnival Victory can sign up for the program in the atrium and casino bars, as well as the pool bars.

One drawback is if you’re sailing with a non-drinker — if one cabin mate over 21 purchases the package, everyone has to — fair enough.

Full bottles of wine and beverages above $10 can be purchased at a 25% discount.

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