Carnival To Cruisers: Choose Fun

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It turns out that when people think of Carnival Cruise Lines, they think of “fun.” (Makes sense, given that they’ve long branded themselves as “the fun ships.”) Now, a new ad campaign being rolled out will make sure that when you think about all the vacation options available to you, your mind immediately goes to the fun to be had on a Carnival ship.

Carnival Is Ready To Shake Things Up!

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When Carnival hired a new advertising agency last year, expectations were high. Franke Rodriguez, CEO of that agency, Anomaly, said that with the new Choose Fun campaign, “Carnival is poised to disrupt the cruise category… and connect with a new wave of cruisers who share the values of this amazing brand.”

And make no mistake: first-time cruisers are who every cruise line is currently looking to bring on board. Survey after survey shows that once people take their first voyage, the likelihood of them booking another is incredibly high.

The new ad campaign — which will be rolling out across every platform imaginable in the coming days — is based on the notion that fun is fun, whether it’s on land or sea. With that in mind, the ads work to create a connection between what people enjoy doing on land and what they can enjoy doing even more while on vacation. Like riding a bike on land? Imagine doing so at sea… and flying through the air on the SkyRide! Like watching the show Lip Sync Battle? Imagine having the chance to jump up on stage and participate!

“Who Wouldn’t Choose More Fun?”

“We believe Choose Fun is a bumper sticker Carnival guests would proudly identify with,” says Carnival’s Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Kathy Mayor. “A rallying cry that inspires those who have never cruised to give it a try. After all, when given a choice between more fun or less fun, who wouldn’t choose more fun?”

Perhaps the thing you’ll remember most after seeing the ads a few times? The distinctive blast of the cruise ship horn which ends each promo. Don’t believe me? Check out the ad below!

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