Carnival to Port Canaveral Security: Lighten Up!

They say that good intentions pave the road to… well, you know. But for one Florida couple, the good intentions of the Port Canaveral security team very nearly led to a vacation disaster.

According to the Arizona Republic, Henry Echevarria and his wife, Lisa, were preparing to board the Carnival Liberty for a cruise out of Port Canaveral when security screeners told them they could not board the ship because of the gun he was carrying. The only problem? The “gun” in question was actually a 2-inch house key carved to look like a firearm.

Echevarria told the paper that because of the port’s no-firearms policy, he had to make a tough call. “I either [needed] to get rid of it, take it back or not cruise!”

What Happened?

Gun shaped house key like the one in question. (photo: Reddit)

Ultimately, Echevarria – who, along with his wife, works for the Pasco County sheriff’s office – opted to hand the key over, allowing it to be put in a safe until he could reclaim it after the cruise. He added that the incident was “embarrassing, because you’re sitting there and everyone is looking at you like you did something wrong.”

While Carnival Cruise Line does have a strict policy prohibiting any type of firearm or replica of one, a representative told the local TV station that the key in question was definitely not the type of thing they had in mind. As the good-natured traveler pointed out, “It was comical, because it’s like, ‘Really, what am I going to do with that? You know they give you steak knives on the cruise!’”

Carnival Steps In 

The report concludes by saying that Carnival ultimately contacted the company contracted to do screening on their behalf at the port to explain not only the policy but its intent in the hope of avoiding a similar situation from occurring in the future.

What are your thoughts on this story? What would you have done?

5 Responses

  1. Carnival security was right. What was this passenger thinking? He works for sheriffs office and thinks he can carry this on board without being questioned. In Chicago you show something like that on public transportation two things could happen. You either get shot by someone of you will end up in Cook County Jail.

  2. The port has a no-firearms policy. OK, cool. The guy had a key, not a firearm. It was a key in the shape of a firearm. From what I could see, there was nothing functional on the key that would make it into a firearm. It’s ridiculous. Certainly OK to question it, but think! This is what you get when people who cannot think are paid slightly above minimum wage to do serious work. TSA is the same mess.

  3. So sad a little common sense is so lacking on security’s part not just in the port facilities but in the TSA as well.

  4. My wife had some nail clippers confiscated in airport security some year ago. Its all about common sense and being reasonable.

  5. What was the key for? House, car? Other than that, I always leave unnecessary keys at home, Why would I carry my car keys to the Caribbean when my car is in Alaska? In todays society, be proactive, leave anything of questionable use at home, take the spare key without any embellishment.

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