Carnival’s Big Booze Change

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If you’re not following John Heald on Facebook, you really should be. Why? Because you’re unlikely to find a better source of information about Carnival Cruise Line than you will the social media page of their senior cruise director. The charismatic, up-front guy regularly answers questions posed by followers and, more importantly, routinely drops huge news as casually as if he were pointing out that the sun came up this morning. Take, for example, this little tidbit: “By the end of this month, all the ships that have mini-bars in the cabins will have them emptied and used for storage of your ordered bottle water or for whatever you wish.”

Make Room for Dessert!

There are undoubtedly numerous reasons for the change, not the least of which is how few people actually partake in the overpriced beverages which are the stock and trade of a mini-bar. It’s also likely to mean a whole lot less work for room stewards, who routinely are asked to empty the fridges so that passengers can use them for their own purposes. (Personally? We’re big on bringing that dessert we couldn’t pass up but also couldn’t eat back from dinner so that when our sweet tooth kicks in around 2 a.m., we’ve got the perfect nosh!)

Guests Seem to Approve

As he often does, Heald prefaced this news with a poll asking whether passengers thought it was a good or bad idea. So far, it seems the line is definitely making a move in the right direction, as the vast majority of those responding said they were on board (pun intended) with the idea.

Will you miss the mini-bar? Have you ever purchased anything from the mini-bar, or do you ask the steward to empty it?

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