All Before You Cruise

Money Saving Tips at Sea – Part II

So last week Anne Campbell chatted with us about some money saving tips at sea.  Her interview was so good that we had to make it a two part series.

Layaway for Cruises?

A question was posed to me over the weekend about financing a cruise through the cruise line or travel agency. My first question is Why?  With the economy that we

Money Saving Tips at Sea

So last week I got to sit down with Anne Campbell, from the blog Cruising from New York.  We started talking about all the ways to save money at sea

Before You Cruise

My friend Heather just got back from a Mediterranean cruise on Royal Caribbean’s Vision of the Seas.  I asked her to compile some tips for me before and during the

Parking in the Ports

I was talking to a co-worker today about all the value a cruise is for the buck. He was trying to pinpoint an exact cost for the cruise. People are

What is the “Norovirus?”

Lately a few cruise ships in Europe have been docked because of the dreaded ‘norovirus’.  I think it is time to clear the air on what the virus is and

Dining Times: Is Early or Late Better?

Cruise dining in the ship’s main dining room is more of traditional dining experience: same wait staff, same table mates, and 4-5 course meal.  Your cruise will generally have two different dining

Finding the Best Cruise Deals on Twitter: A Guide

Twitter has become this gigantic social networking site that everyone and their brother seem to be using.  I jumped on board the twitter band wagon earlier this year being skeptical

Cruise Gratuity – Cash is King

On the elliptical at the gym I just saw a blurb about cruising on CNN and it made my mind wander…. My first few cruises I would always would tip the

Cellular at Sea

Okay, so I just got my phone bill for my cruise in June. 568 dollars?! Yah. True story. My iPhone (at&t) kept saying “Cellular at Sea” across the top of