Celebrity Life – Celebrity Reflection Day 2

celebrity reflection
Reflection Suite see-through shower.

Being that we are only on a two-night cruise doing everything on Celebrity Reflection is going to be hard but I tried to accomplish as much as I could today.

I did manage to sleep in til around 9am and had a late breakfast at the OceanView Café. I’m not a huge breakfast fan but I do appreciate a hot breakfast with plenty of meats to choose from. I went with the hot glazed ham with apple sauce on the side. A whole heaping plate of it!

After breakfast I went and did a little tour of the ship. I got to check out some of the areas that I missed yesterday like The Hideaway. This place is really neat and spans two decks, picture a cozy place to read with comfortable chairs and a couple of tree houses where you can snuggle up with a good book. There’s a coffee area down there with a variety of teas and hot drinks where you can just experience total relaxation.

The library on this ship is also huge, it’s two decks and has a lot of modern day book and new releases. I was surprised to see some of the titles in there because usually on ships there are old books from John Grisham from the late 90s. The art around the whole ship is amazing.

They had an open house of all the staterooms aboard the ship. It was pretty much the run of the mill with the exception of the Reflection Suite. This sweet was amazing. Plenty of space, huge bathrooms, a hot tub on the balcony and probably the most talked about piece – the see-through shower. I got to stand in it and look out. There’s actually a privacy feature on the shower where if you are taking a shower and are in port, you can push the button and it creates fog between the two glass panels. The different suites and layouts were nice. I also had a chance to visit the Signature Suite, Aqua Class Suite, Sky Suite, Penthouse Suite (which was a few doors down from mine), Aqua Class Stateroom (my category), Concierge Class and Royal Suite. Again, nothing stuck out like the Reflection Suite. You would think the suite would be sold-out for the rest of the year but it’s only sold out for a few sailings so far, this according to one of the executives at a press conference on board earlier today.

The food venues on Celebrity Reflection were outstanding. We had a chance to sample the options from Qsine, Murano, Tuscan Grill and Blu (healthy AquaClass dining). To my surprise all was really good. You have to read up on Qsine to fully understand the concept, like their strawberry fields that is really a pallet of sod with chocolate covered strawberries or their sushi lollipops. Murano is the contemporary French cuisine and the Tuscan Grill is their Italian steakhouse, all have a surcharge but well worth it. I’ve eaten at all the venues before and the steakhouse experience alone is worth its weight in gold.

One of the options I didn’t get to try on this cruise is the Lawn Club Grill, the outdoor grill that backs up to the Lawn Club on the top deck. There just isn’t enough time to experience it all in two days.

Celebrity Reflection
Martini Bar and Crush on Celebrity Reflection.

Dinner was in Murano and I went with the Lobster Bisque and Lobster dish, both were extremely awesome. They cooked the lobster in a sauté pan next to you at the table and bring out the lobster bisque in a little kettle.

The 80’s poolside dance party looked busy but I think a lot of people were like  me, exploring the ship from top to bottom and didn’t have much time or energy to do a lot of other things.

A couple of places that deserve attention brought to is:

Game On: A digital gaming room with interactive video games and lessons. They are like big touch screen iPads. They are free to use and it’s not like the casino, its more-so challenging your fellow guests in trivia and games.

Casual Dining Options: Bistro on Five sells soups, salads and crepes. The Porch is an outside venue by the lawn club that offers soups, salads and panini’s.

Entertainment: A lot of younger and trendy music. So long are the days with the typical broadway review style show. Celebrity entertainment is a step above because their music incorporates aerial performances. So neat!

Celebrity iLouge: Take computer lessons or buy a Mac device. They are an authorized retailer at sea.

Listener question from Twitter asked:  How was the Martini Bar?

The Martini Bar and Crush is located on deck four and was a popular place. With all kinds of drinks and the bar surface that stays 32 degrees all day guarantees a cold drink. I think the only colder drink would be making it on a glacier itself. The Molecular Bar was also popular and is hand crafted drinks (a lot like the Alchemy Bar on Carnival).

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