Celebrity Reflection – Disembarkation + Miami Airport

Celebrity Reflection This morning they wanted us off the ship between 7am and 9 am, which was perfectly fine with me. I’m an early riser. We stopped by the Oceanview Café for one last breakfast before we made our way off the ship and to our transfer.

The ship pulled into port around 5am so by the time 7am rolled around, it was go-time.

Since this was a special sailing they did not allow you to check bags so there was no process of disembarking. Even better, since we didn’t touch and other ports we weren’t required to do the whole customs declarations ordeal. There was no lines, no wait, just off the ship and on to the pier.

A couple things I noticed on disembarkation was how efficient it was and flowed very well. It still kills me that people that have supposedly cruise a lot still don’t know the process when it comes to getting off the ship and still fumble for their shipboard card to scan. I guess something will never change.

The cruise line transfer service is definitely the way to go. They buses were waiting at Port Miami for Fort Lauderdale and Miami Airports and they asked you what airline you were going to, put you luggage in the respective bin and you were on your way. We lucked out; as soon as we got on the transfer bus it pulled out, so there wasn’t a lot of waiting.

A couple tips for flying out of Miami Airport:

celebrity reflection If the cruise line offers a service to check your bags to your destination and print your boarding pass – do it! Miami is a complete zoo, no matter what time of year you fly out.

If you have an afternoon flight and catch the cruise line transfer to the airport, consider buying a day pass for the lounge of the airline you are flying on. Better yet, before you buy it don’t make the mistake I did. Check your airline miles and see if you can have access, but if not, consider the day pass. I was flying American Airlines out of Miami and the Admiral’s Club was the way to go, I wound up paying $50 (turns out I had the miles to get in for free). They have unlimited sodas and adult beverages, snacks, free wifi, comfortable sitting areas and showers if you so desire. They even had big benches that people were sleeping on. I was there for four hours and I thought it was heaven-sent. The Miami airport wi-fi is pricy!

Finally I’d say give yourself a few extra minutes getting to your gate. Miami Airport can be a zoo and don’t even tempt fate when it comes to the security checkpoint. I thought Jacksonville didn’t have their crap together when it came to TSA, Miami is a lot worse.

Final thoughts on Celebrity Reflection:

Dinner is a little classier than your mass market  cruise line so pack a couple of extra ties and a sports coat. Consider a specialty dining venue on board. There are a few to choose from, all with surcharges but well worth it!

The Celebrity Solstice-class ships are a notch above a lot of the lines that I have been on. They truly do offer “Modern Luxury” to their passengers. If you are looking to unwind and relax, this line is for you. They have hours upon hours of enrichment programs and activities so every day it’s up to you, you can have an organized schedule or be on your own.

As always, if you cruise on Celebrity Reflection, let us know, we’d love to hear your review on Cruise Radio.

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