Coco Cay, Bahamas

Those three words meant it was the final day of our cruise. 🙁

We actually did things a little different on this day. TJ went to the island and explored Coco Cay while I stayed back on board the ship and explored all there was to explore on the ship. TJ, will be writing a blog all about Coco Cay once he gets back home and settled. I have been onto Coco Cay five times so I know all there is to know about it– its a blast!

 So this is how my day went.  The first activity I was going to check out didn’t start until eleven, I woke up and grabbed some breakfast and brought it back to my room and bummed. At eleven o’clock the adult free throw basketball competition started on the very back of the ship. Throwing the ball and trying to make it in the hoop had me realize just why I was always picked last in my high school sports teams.

After losing the competition (miserably) I made my way to the Windjammer Café (deck 11) to grab some lunch. Lunch was meatloaf, not my favorite but there was many other options to choose from: burgers, fries, hot dogs, deli meats, etc. After lunch I made my way down to the sound of music theater (deck 5 & 7) to watch “Star Trek,” and was surprised at how many people were in there watching. This was cool, on deck 5 where all the shops are, there was a jewelry blow out (50% off). A lot of the ladies were taking advantage of the deals…. I wonder how many husbands were surprised when the folio was delivered the next morning.

 At four pm, I went and watched the men’s belly flop competition. I needed that laugh! Overweight men belly first into the pool. My friends got back from Coco Cay about four thirty and we went and pigged out on some more food (pizza). Afterwards we went up to the Viking Lounge (Deck 14) and watched the boat sail away from the island. When the anchor is pulled up and those engines start roaring it starts sinking in that in a few short hours you will be back to reality – but we still had plenty of ground to cover! After enjoying a cocktail and watching Coco Cay fade away we went down to the casino. Now know that I have never in my life ever played a card game. Hell, even when all my friends would play drinking games with the cards I was probably on a computer somewhere. TJ, introduced me to this game in the casino called “Let it Ride.” A fun card game, lots of potential to win big and to lose big too. I broke even and walked away. I was able to play for 45 minutes before I got down to my initial investment. I think I will stick to those games instead of slots. I have never won big on slots.


 The farewell show was called “You Cant Stop the Beat,” it was entertaining, a lot of older artists (Neil Diamond, Whitney Houston, Janet Jackson) music was played in there to play to the demographic of the passengers on the ship. The singers were amazing and the chorography was stunning. The one lady who sang Whitney Houston’s , I’ll always love you ….. she REALLY rocked it. After the stage performance was done the cruise director read this really funny top ten list of questions people have asked him on the cruise. I thought a few were hysterical …. Is the toilet salt or fresh water… do the crew sleep on the ship? At the very end of the top ten list the whole crew came out, waiters, servers, bar tenders, cabin stewards, and cooks and all waved to us. It was a very nice end of the cruise gesture.

The final night at dinner was Italian night and was it great. I had the garlic tiger shrimp and the rack of lamb as a main entrée. The servers performed a couple of Italian songs and you could tell a couple of them were like…. Riiiiiiight! I had too much packing to do so I didn’t stay for dessert. On the way out I passed out the gratuity envelopes and gave our waiter and extra twenty dollars. For someone who claims to be a light packer, I sure had stuff spread all over my room. If you were going to check the bags, they had to be outside your door by 11 pm. I always carry my bag off because I don’t want to take the risk of it being lost or mishandled. After I packed my room up, I got online and submitted my blog. One thing I didn’t really like about the ship is that to get on the wireless you had to go to a common area.

One thing I didn’t make it to was the Quest game show. This show is a hysterical and for adults only. Basically its an adult scavenger hunt. There is a kicker at the end though. They want all these guys to run up to the stage and then they blind side you and tell you it’s the “Miss Monarch” pageant.

Lights out 11 pm.

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