Costa Cruises outlines plan to refloat sunken Concordia

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The Titan/Micoperi plan for the salvage of the Costa Concordia. (photo: Costa)

Today Titan-Micoperi, the winner of the bid to refloat Costa Concordia presented their plan to remove the wreck from the coast of Giglio Island.

The operation will begin in a few days and is expected to take up to 12-months.

Operations will be divided into four basic stages:

  • After stabilizing the ship, a subsea platform will be built and caissons (tanks) that can be filled with water will be fixed to the side of the ship that is out of the water
  • Two cranes fixed to the platform will pull the ship upright, helped by the tanks, which will be filled with water
  • When the ship is upright, caissons will also be fixed to the other side of the hull
  • The tanks on both sides will then be emptied, after treating and purifying the water to protect the marine environment, and filled with air.

“”We are very pleased to have been chosen to perform this incredible operation to remove the wreck of Costa Concordia,”” said Richard Habib, managing director of Titan Salvage. “”Our quality engineering and the experience we have gained in this area allowed us to present a project that met expectations. From now on we will work with the aim of preserving the environment and the natural habitat.”

You can see the slides and animations on the Cruise Radio Facebook Page.

Source: Costa

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