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It seems somehow fitting that a family who has devoted their lives to children was recently rewarded for their good deeds by being sent on an all-expenses-paid Disney cruise. And that’s exactly what happened when Good Morning America stepped up to send John and Kelly DeGarmo — who have served as foster parents for oever 50 children over the years — on a much-needed vacation!

Unconditional Love

As reported by ABC News, the couple, who are big advocates of the foster care program, have long been there for those who are most in need. “On any given day in America,” John said, “there’s roughly 450,000 children in foster care. And there are not enough homes. And of that number, about 25,000 will go for adoption. And there are not enough people who will adopt those children.”

The couple, who have had up to 11 children at one time (and have three biological children as well) are currently working to open a group home for teen boys, whom they say are the most unwanted of foster children. “When a boy hits age 9 or 10,” says John, “nobody wants them. They all want a baby or a girl.”

A Fitting Reward

Thanks to GMA, John and Kelly, along with their three children and Hunter, a foster child, hit the high seas aboard Disney Dream. Not only did they get to have a ton of family fun, but they got to experience what we’re pretty sure is a rarity in their lives: a meal sans children!

“We have so many other children in our house at any given time that it’s rare we get to spend time just us, together,” Kelly told ABC. “It’s been magical.”

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