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smoker Princess Cruises this week revealed story #17 on its Inspired to Cruise blog. Each week during 2012 the blog has been featuring a new reason to cruise and will eventually have a total of 52 inspiring passenger stories about what compelled them to take a cruise vacation.

This week’s post features a woman who finally quit smoking while on a cruise to Alaska.

In the story, I Kicked the Habit at Sea, Robin Tawfall of Paradise, California, tells how she took the place of her friend’s husband on a Alaska cruise after he passed away of smoking-related complications.

“I smoked for 35 years – often as much as two packs a day – but it wasn’t until I boarded a Regal Princess cruise to Alaska that I was finally able to kick the habit for good,” begins Tawfall.

In his honor, she kicked the habit herself during the cruise, after many years of trying.  “As for me, I am happy to report that since that first Alaskan cruise I have now been an ex-smoker for seven years.”

Meanwhile, cruise line onboard programming, layout and design take into account an increasing number of passengers who do not smoke and are not tolerant of those who do.

“To smoke … or not to smoke. Nothing fires up cruise travelers more than this issue,” says CruiseCritic on its popular website where fans of cruise vacations come for information and to voice their opinions. “Indeed, check out the posts on Cruise Critic’s message boards — but we warn you: Put on your oven mitts before you open any thread with “smoking” in the title. It’ll be red hot.”

Regardless of if one does or does not smoke, the topic is of interest to all.  Those who do not, want to feel like they will not be bothered by smoke on a cruise ship.  Those who do seem to understand they are in the minority but want to know where it is permissible for them to do so.

CruiseCritic has a complete and frequently updated list of smoking policies on all cruise lines that tells where passengers can and can not smoke.   Also, see an easy-to-read chart of smoking policies right here on Cruise Radio.

The Princess blog also showcases a short “Escape Inspiration” video about a favorite moment at sea. This week’s video, introduced by Luigi Pascale, maitre d’ aboard Sea Princess, features an onboard birthday celebration.

“We’re always ready to join in our passengers’ celebrations on board,” says Pascale. “Birthdays are my favorite – everyone loves our signature birthday cake!”


Chris Owen is a travel writer from Orlando Florida charged with sharing frank, inside information on cruise vacations with travelers. Certified a Master Cruise Counselor by the Cruise Lines International Association, Chris can be found via the popular travel blog, and on the long-running cruise information website,

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