Why you should cruise in the fall

IMG_3306By Sarah Phillips

Last weekend marked the official kickoff to fall (though if you ask me, it’s been awhile based on the amount of pumpkin coffee related posts on my social media feeds). Fall’s one of my favorite seasons because it means football, changing leaves, cooler weather and the start to the holiday seasons.

You might be wondering what in the world this has to do with cruising; I’ll tell you. As the sun starts setting earlier and temperatures drop, it’s actually a pretty perfect time to take off on a cruise. Here are a few reasons why this is the perfect season to set sail:

Cheaper Rates.  Really the minute that Labor Day passes, cruise rates drop dramatically. Most families take their vacations before school starts and pretty much every single school’s back in session by Labor Day. Because peak summer season is over and the cruise lines know fewer people are vacationing during this time of year, rates can be at their lowest points all season long. Also, technically, it’s still hurricane season so that keeps rates down too (be sure to get travel insurance!!).

Less children. Before you send me hate mail on how wonderful children are, I totally agree with you! I’m in love with my twin nieces. However, if you’re not traveling with children or don’t have children, this is a great time to sail and find more adults onboard. Most kids have just started back to school, so they’re not as likely to be sailing. If this is important to you, plan your cruises in the fall.

Warmer Weather. I love the change of seasons where I live. There’s always a chance for a White Christmas. But one of the very best parts of fall cruising is the warmer weather in the Caribbean. While the temps are dropping here at home, it’s still summer weather and sunshine in the islands. This is great time to get tan while everyone at home is busy breaking the sweaters out of mothballs.

Break up the new routine. Late summer and early fall are very hectic times. Back to school, sports, day care, car pools, and new routines. Plus, it won’t be long now until the holidays (don’t say I didn’t warn you). This is a great time to take a break and get away. Relax after successfully mastering back to school and before the holiday madness sets in. I can remember my parents doing some kind of trip with us in the late fall to spend time together several times. I still cherish those memories of that time together.

So, will I see you on a cruise this fall? What’s your favorite time of the year to set sail?

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