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Princess wake.jpg Princess Cruises’ blog, “Inspired to Cruise: A Year of Reasons to Get Away From the Everyday” is a great example of a cruise line that knows exactly who they are and where they want to go.  The year-long series is featuring stories from passengers that will explore the celebrations, accomplishments, milestones and other inspired reasons to cruise.  This week, we see the story of a couple who does a Renewal of Vows ceremony at sea after 35 years of marriage.

In Our Vow To Be Together, LeaBeth Taylor writes “Our three, wonderful children were grown and we were now grandparents to six. Spare time was back on our schedules.”  Telling the story of her marriage to husband Glenn, their experience is probably not unlike a bunch of Princess Cruises fans and should hit home with many.

“It was a trip filled with a trio of magical moments, each brought about by the fact that my husband and I would celebrate our 35th wedding anniversary during this trip. This trip had been a dream of ours for many years. Well, really it was my dream to see the Mediterranean, and I would tell my husband, Glenn, about it over the years.”

Each week during 2012 the blog explores the celebrations, accomplishments, milestones and other inspired reasons to cruise, each told by a different passenger. This diverse group of contributors – from long-time cruisers to those who set sail for the first time – will share a total of 52 stories.

Also featured on the blog is a weekly “Escape Inspiration” video. Each 30-second favorite moment at sea is introduced by a Princess crew member who describes why the scene is meaningful to them.  This one comes from Neil Roberts, the Cruise Director on Caribbean Princess who tells us “I’m not sure if it’s the dancing, the singing or the amazing costumes, but our production shows captivate audiences like no other!

Need to catch up on reasons to cruise?  Here are all of them so far:

  • To Renew Our Vows
  • To Keep a Promise
  • To Fulfill My Husband’s Bucket List
  • To Quit Smoking
  • To See My Wife Smile Again
  • To Travel the World with a Purpose
  • To Escape the Ice Storm
  • To Learn About Family Ancestry
  • To Revisit Vietnam
  • To Get Married…by Surprise
  • To Bridge a Generation Gap
  • To Revisit Wartime Memories
  • To Surprise a Loved One
  • To Cruise on the “Love Boat”
  • To Visit Family Far Away
  • To Dance with My Husband
  • To Get Away with Girlfriends
  • To Spoil the Grandkids
  • To Take One Last Trip Before the Kids Leave the Nest
  • To Marry Each Other…Twice

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