Cruise Line Nixes Controversial Plan

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Last week, we told you that Disney’s not-so-secret plans to build a second private island were being met with opposition by locals who would be impacted. Now, the Miami Herald says that the plans have been shelved.

What Went Wrong?

Originally, Disney Cruise Line had hoped to develop a second Castaway Cay-style stop – complete with a cruise terminal – on Egg Island. But those plans were immediately met with protests from locals who complained, among other things, that the development plans would prove harmful to the area’s ecosystem in general, and the fragile coral reefs in particular. Not surprisingly, the company now says that their own studies show this to be true.

“We recently completed a careful and thorough review of a project at Egg Island,” Disney Cruise Line said via spokeswoman Kim Prunty, “and determined that the environmental impact of our intended development would be too significant.”

According to the newspaper, Disney says that while it regularly looks for “opportunities for growth,” it currently has no specific plans for other islands in the Bahamas.

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