Cruise line sustainability program eliminates bad choice seafood

1427629707 13c921ef37 0001 The idea of a Sustainable Seafood Program is focused on helping consumers understand and recognize unsustainable and environmentally destructive seafood harvesting, and to encourage people to purchase sustainable seafoods in restaurants and markets.  Now, cruise lines are joining in with programs of their own.

About a year ago, Holland America Line announced its Sustainable Seafood Program.  The then new program adopts environmentally responsible purchasing practices and features menus that showcase sustainable seafood. Working in conjunction with the Marine Conservation Institute,  Holland America Line’s sustainable seafood program emphasizes adopting sustainable seafood purchasing practices by eliminating “bad choice” seafood.

Each seafood item is evaluated for its abundance, how well the fishery is managed and what damage is done to the surrounding marine ecosystem through catching or farming the seafood. Fleetwide, 75 percent of the seafood served on board is considered a best choice option; the remaining 25 percent is good choice.

Why is this so important?

Over the last few decades, the world’s fishing fleets have evolved, using increasingly sophisticated technology to locate and harvest seafood including sonar, GPS, satellite data, seafloor scouring devices, long-lines, and highly effective gill nets.

Now, due to a more sophisticated fisherman, 80 percent of the world’s commercially-fished species are being fished at or beyond the brink at which their populations can sustain themselves.

“Our sustainability program is an important element in our ongoing commitment to oceans on which we sail and to being responsible corporate citizens in every aspect of our business,” said Richard Meadows, executive VP of marketing, sales and guest programs at Holland America 0n SeafoodSource.

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