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cruise news today april 10 2023

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Carnival Increases Cost of Pre-Cruise Purchase Food Items

Carnival has increased the cost of many of the food items available for pre-cruise purchase in its online Fun Shop.

For example, the 6-inch birthday and anniversary cakes have increased from $10 dollars to $12.50, and a six-count order of chocolate covered strawberries has gone from $15 to $18. Other various items have also seen a price hike.

The extras available in the online Fun Shops can be ordered for yourself or for someone else.

Former Sun Princess Resumes Passenger Service With Peace Boats

The former Sun Princess has now begun sailing for Japanese non-profit organization Peace Boat. The vessel, which debuted in 1995, was sold by Carnival Corporation to Peace Boat during the pandemic in September 2020.

She was the lead ship in Princess’ Sun-class, which also included Dawn Princess, Ocean Princess, and Sea Princess.

Now named Pacific World, the ship has set sail on a 108-day world itinerary that will include port calls in Asia, Europe, North America, the Caribbean, and more.

Passport Application Surge Causing Major Delays

If you’re renewing or need a passport for your cruise, this story is for you.

The surge in applications for passports has caused wait times of up to 13 weeks with an expedited process taking 7-9 weeks. According to the state department, the delays are partly due to staffing shortages and the surge receiving over 500,000 passport applications per week.

The Secretary of State announced that in the 2022, a record 22 million passport were issued, and the government is on track to break that record this year.

Passport services are still available at post offices, libraries, and government buildings, but the wait time is still the same.

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