Cruise News Today — January 30, 2022 [VIDEO]

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Another Crystal Cruise Ship Heads to Bimini

The story of Crystal Cruises takes one bizarre turn after another. 

Crystal Serenity, which was scheduled to end its current cruise in Aruba yesterday was denied entry into the port. 

The ship is now en route to Bimini, where it’ll debark guests on Monday and ferry them back to Florida. 

Last Sunday, Crystal Symphony ended its cruise unexpectedly in Bimini after a federal judge issued a seizure warrant for over four million dollars in unpaid fuel bills. 

After Serenity docks, the only vessel still in service will be its expedition ship in Antarctica, which is expected to wrap up shortly. 

Historic Queen Mary May Return in 2022

The Queen Mary could be getting a new lease on life. 

In early 2020, the floating hotel was boarded up and shut down after needing millions of dollars in immediate repairs.

Now, Long Beach’s city is set to begin a series of critical repairs totaling $5 million dollars. 

The hope is to reopen the ship to the public after phase one of the repairs are complete, which includes reinforcing steel and removing lifeboats that are causing stress on the side of the floating hotel. 

The Queen Mary has been in Long Beach, California since 1967 was a popular hotel for cruise guests sailing out of Los Angeles ports.

STORY: Queen Mary Gets Another Chance, ‘Critical Repairs’ to Start in February

Carnival’s Mardi Gras Assists Distressed Boaters

And on Thursday, Carnival’s Mardi Gras came to the aid of a boat off the coast of Mexico.

A watchman on the navigational bridge spotted the fishing boat with 10 migrants onboard. 

No one was in need of medical attention, so the deck team provided the fishing boat with enough fuel and provisions to make it to the mainland. 

The boat ran out of supplies and Carnival’s deck crew provided the boat with water and provisions. 

This was the second time in two weeks that a Carnival ship came to the aid of a distressed boat. On January 19, Carnival Freedom came across a boat and stayed with them until the Coast Guard arrived. 

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