Cruise News Today — July 28, 2023 [VIDEO]

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Princess Cruises Changes Things Up

Princess Cruises is introducing new complimentary perks for its Princess Plus and Princess Premier guests,  starting August 12.

The upgrade plans, which will cost additional 60 or 80 dollars per person per day, will offer guests inclusive services like free room service delivery, priority boarding, expanded dining and on-location food and drink delivery. 

But it doesn’t stop there. 

If you only book the standard fare, you’ll now be paying extra for room service, which was previously complimentary for most items, and Alfredos will no longer be complimentary.

Royal is Back in the Money

458 million. 

Royal Caribbean Group has fully recovered from the impact of the pandemic. The company scored impressive second-quarter earnings. 

Net income was $458.8 million, compared to a loss of $521.6 million last year. 

CEO Jason Liberty credited the company’s strong cruise brands (RCL, CL, and Silversea) for the record hights achieved during the quarter. 

Revenue grew to $3.52 billion, driven by increased ticket fares, onboard revenue.

Icon of the Seas Passes the Test 

And finally, Royal Caribbean’s upcoming Icon of the Seas completed its final round of sea trials. 

According to the cruise line, the ship got all A and A pluses while checking it out. 

The ship passed the noise and vibration test with low vibration levels. The thrusters were operating correctly. The stabilizers were extended and gave a smooth ride. And then floored the ship to knots, which is 29 mph. 

Following its delivery this fall, Icon will debut in January from South Florida. 

The photo of the week comes from Randall… Queen Elizabeth and the Radiance of the Seas docked in Skagway, Alaska, earlier this month. 

Send your photos to Doug at cruise radio dot net. All photos are subject to air. 

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