Cruise News Today – June 16, 2023 [VIDEO]

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Royal Caribbean Faulted for Hitting Dock

We now know what caused a Royal Caribbean ship to run into an Alaska dock structure last summer.

When Radiance of the Seas tried to dock on the morning of May 9, the crew was unaware that its electronic nautical charts did reflect the construction work in 2021, which included the new dolphins.

The navigational team was also relying on electronic charts and not actively calling out the vessels’ clearance on the radio, which is standard practice.  

An investigation by the NTSB concluded that the impact happened due to miscommunication among the ship’s crew, their failure to use all their navigational equipment and an outdated navigational chart.

The accident cost $2 million dollars in damage to the Sitka Sounds pier and minor den to the ship. 

New Additions to Princess Ship

Princess Cruises’ latest Sun Princess addition, Park19, promises a variety of exciting entertainment options over the vessel’s highest three decks – 19 to 21. 

Some of the top deck features include the Rollglider, which includes an overhead track and speed.

An adventure course called the Coastal Climb and The Lookout observation deck. 

Splash Zone offers visitors the chance to enjoy a whimsical splash filled with pop jets and water sculptures. 

Visitors can also trek across The Net’s unstable bridges, take in the stunning view of the ocean from Infinite Horizon’s cantilevered walls or retire to the peaceful Hammock Area. 

The Recreational Court will also be installed with a sports court and wellness activities. 

Sun Princess will debut in early 2024. 

Island Sees 11,000 Cruise Passengers

Willemstad, the capital of Curaçao, received over 10,000 cruise passengers on Wednesday. 

Two Carnival ships, Mardi Gras and the Carnival Horizon, carried 6,407 and 4,913 cruise passengers, respectively. 

This also marks the first time the Mardi Gras arrived at the port of Curaçao. 

During Maduro Shipping and Curaçao Ports Authority’s onboard inaugural reception, the ship’s captain, local representatives, and ship agent from Maduro Shipping greeted attendees warmly, welcoming them aboard. 

Both ships sail year-round Caribbean itineraries.

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