Cruise News Today – June 23, 2023 [VIDEO]

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Tragic Ending to Titanic Exploration 

A tragic ending to the sub exploring the Titanic wrecks with five people onboard. 

The US Coast Guard report on Thursday said that the Titan submersible suffered a catastrophic implosion. 

The coast guard said a debris field was found 1600 feet off the bow of the Titanic, some 12,000 feet below the surface.  

The distress call to authorities was initially received on Sunday when the submersible’s command ship reported the loss of contact shortly after the dive. 

The Titanic expedition included a British adventurer, a French diver, a Pakistani father and son, and the founder of OceanGate Expeditions, the company responsible for organizing the dive. .

Icon of the Seas Returns from Sea Trials

Royal Caribbean’s Icon of the Seas has completed its first round of sea trials.

After four days of rigorous testing, the vessel returned to the Meyer Turku shipyard in Finland. 

This footage was released by Royal Caribbean on Thursday afternoon. 

Over 2,000 specialists were onboard with checklists covering technical areas such as engines, hull, steering, and noise and vibration levels. 

The next phase will involve a second round of sea trials later this year, where the ship will be pushed to its with naval engineers and marine experts. 

The icon will debut in Miami in January. 

A Cheesy Debate in Miami 

And the battle of the crust. 

Carnival Cruise Line has responded to a trademark infringement filed by South Florida’s Miami Slice Pizza, asserting that “Miami” is also a style of pizza. 

For context, Miami Slice Pizza had sued Carnival in April, claiming that the cruise line’s use of “Miami Slice” to identify the pizza venue on Carnival Celebration violated their trademark. 

In retaliation, Carnival has filed a counterclaim, seeking to invalidate Miami Slice Pizza’s trademark on the grounds that it has become a generic term. 

Carnival argues that “Miami Slice” is not exclusively associated with the pizza restaurant and has been used by other companies. 

The suit from the South Florida restaurant claims that Carnival’s use of the name Miami Slice will damage its reputation by allowing it to become associated with “cruise line food.”

It sounds like they really need the dough. 

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