Cruise News Today — June 5, 2022 [VIDEO]

cruise news today june 5 2022

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Mardi Gras Crew Members Rescue 16 People

Crew members on Mardi Gras rescued 16 stranded people near Cuba last week. A small vessel in distress was spotted just before 8 am as the ship was heading towards Florida.

Crew members took the passengers onboard and the Coast Guard was notified.

Mardi Gras was on the final day of a seven-night sailing out of Port Canaveral.

Port of Seattle Cruise Visitors Up 50 Percent Compared to 2019

The Port of Seattle has revealed that its cruise passenger count is already up 50 percent this year as compared to 2019.

The port has estimated that this year around 1.2 million passengers or more will pass through.

That will make 2022 a record year, beating the old record by about 100,000 people.

Former Norwegian Ship Arrives at the Scrapyard

A former Norwegian Cruise Line ship, Norwegian Seaward, has seen its last days.

The vessel was beached last week as a result of its parent company Genting Honk Kong’s bankruptcy.

Seaward made its debut with Norwegian Cruise Line back in 1988, before retiring in 2005 and being sold to Asian line Star Cruises. In 2018 the ship was retired and used as a floating hotel at a German shipyard.

This is one of many cruise ships that have been sold as a result of Genting’s bankruptcy earlier this year.

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